We are just a team of FEA professionals

Available to serve for you at minimal cost
Our mission is to make available the power of FEA and CAD to MSME enterprises and Students

Years of experience in solvers like ls dyna, nastran in prestigious companies Quest global, DRDO, HAL

Nilesh nahar
CAE Analyst

Expert in working with structures accompanied structural projects successfully that required tools like hypermesh and optistuct

Nikhil dhumal
CAE engg.

How all this started

We all had experienced the gap between the actual industry and academics, all this are started to fulfill the gap.

Experienced we need a platform to bridge industry and acadmics 

During our graduation we came across many situations where we needed an expert opinion like while working on projects or competitions involving higher degree of CAD or FEA tools.

After experiencing need we came up with idea similar to this

We found out there are already existing coaching that try to sell you entire course with certification that was not needed we just needed some advise for project, An Advise from industrial expert that it self validate our direction of work.

We provide whatever you need

After experiencing that thing we are able to build the platform that connect the engineer with years of experience with industry and students

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+91 9599 755915


+91 9599 755915

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