Hypermesh vs Ansys

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 In this blog we are comparing ansys and hyperworks, ansys and hyperworks are two most comprehensive fea packages. They are used in various types of industries especially hyperworks is used in Automotive Industries. For comparing them we have to understand for application of them,Application may include.
1. Selection of package for particular industry
2. Selection of software as an student who are willing to make career in industry
3. For completion of perticular project.


Before discussing and comparing them it is very important to understand the structure of any fea package.
The work flow for fea package includes
1. Pre processing
2. Solving
3. Post processing

FEA package basic contents

Any FEA package consists of three fundamental software that has their specific usage



Software that interact with CAD data to convert it into mesh and helps us to apply boundary conditions



The software program that solves the preprocessed data.


Post processor

Software that helps us to visualize the solved data in terms of contour and graphs.

Hyperworks and ansys has their software most of them can be compared as shown in table.

HyperworksAnsysSoftware typeDiscription
Preprocessor or meshing toolsHypermesh is used in various types of industry related to structural and CFD environments as it is relatively versatile as can be used with many other solvers like lsdyna, nastran etc.
A part from hypermesh ICEM is used for CFD meshing.
OptistructAnsysImplicit SolverAnsys is multipurpose solver used in structural tasks optistuct is also used in some of them, optistruct is best used in structural optimization. Althrough Nastran is mostly used for implicit analysis.
RadiossAuto Dyn
Ls Dyna
Explicit solverLS- dyna is mostly used in industry for crash and safty in major automotive giants ls dyna support all explicit analysis including some implicit, CFD and solid fluid interaction type of analysis.
InspireWorkbenchAll in one solutionsInspire and workbench have relatively interactive environment, and both are very powerful all in one solutions 
HypermeshSpace Claim
Design modeller
CAD solutionFor cad import and geometry simplification ansys give us space claim (based on design spark) and design modeller where as hypermesh has inbuilt options that makes us to use all operations in single window.
AccusolveFluentCFD solverFluent is highly used in major industry for solving CFD problems altrough many of them used hypermesh or Ansa as their preprocessor

Apart from above table both the packages has many other products like feko from hyperworks for electromagnetic simulation etc. we just compared their main products only

We are still not clear about what should i learn for brighter future

But the answer depends upon at what stage you are currently at like for example if you are an university student who are interested in CFD likes subjects like fluid dynamics, Thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer and doing a course in this stream surely you can learn basics of FEA and grabs some books to understood how CFD works

You Can learn a tool may be ansys fluent to solve real life problem learn hypermesh to get a nice entry level job as a CFD modeller. But it always start from learning the back-end not from tool. Remember many training institutes will focus you to learn the tool but always remember tools are petty easy to learn even a high school student can be trained to generate beautiful contour. 

  1. University Student - To learn the back end of software how it calculate things and any commercial preprocessor, solver or postprocessor that calculates things in your field of interest
  2. Experienced professional - The best software package to learn is that you used in your organisation. As they had selected by comparing many and that might be suitable to solve most of the problem in your organisation
  3. For completion of particular project- For this you can do research about the solver that can solve that project and whose results are accepted in organisation other parameter you might use to decide are cost, time and manpower available that know that software.

There will be no fair comparison as we compare both as whole there are lots of utilities inside them used for specific type of industries.

For Example hypermesh is used widely in preprocessing in automotive industry, Consumer durablity products, Also lsdyna used in automotive industry for crash and safety, Railways, etc as solver

Ls-dyna is orginally created by lstc university for blast analysis during WW2 and recently brought by ansys incorp. as their explicit solver, although they have their explicit solver autodyn that is very basic and ansys might discontinue autodyn in future.

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